7.25 Trix Retribution – Liadrin’s Fury Unleashed Vs Soul of the Highlord

Having obtained [Soul of the Highlord] this morning, I thought I’d do a quick Sim on how it goes up against [Liadrin’s Fury Unleashed].

Keeping in mind, I’m using [Chain of Thrayn] as the constant. And using 4Set-T19 & 2Set-T20 currently.

Sim based on Trix Armory.


Hectic Add Cleave

[Soul of the Highlord] requires a little more Haste than what I currently possess, but it’s currently slightly edged out by [Liadrin’s Fury Unleashed] on my particular setup. 

Retribution – Wrath of the Ashbringer Relics


Greetings all,

With Wrath of the Ashbringer being our greatest trait outside of the regular ones (37.5s of Wings!), I’ve made a quick list of where to obtain our relics which feature this:-

Absolved Ravencrest Brooch – Black Rook Hold – Latosius
Flickering Timespark – The Nighthold – Chromatic Anomaly

Torch of Shaladrassil – Darkheart Thicket – Shade of Xavius
Fragment of Eternal Spite – The Emerald Nightmare – Xavius
Smoldering Thumbscrews – Tomb of Sargaras – Demonic Inquisition

Other Sources
Mythic Weekly Cache
Relinquished Relic – Broken Shore – 5000 Nethershards