Tier-18 Trix Sims

I’ve acquired the 4-Set and simmed many combinations of talents:-



Guess I need to start learning how to play Empowered Seals.

MySims DropBox Link

FV_SW Wdps Str AP Haste Crit Mult Mastery Vers
Scale Factors 11.23 7.31 6.4 6.31 4.44 4.4 4.33 4.02
SERA_SW Wdps Str AP Mult Crit Vers Mastery Haste
Scale Factors 9.56 7.57 6.7 4.41 4.33 4.06 3.91 3.38
EMPS_SW Wdps Str AP Mult Haste Crit Vers Mastery
Scale Factors 8.9 7.96 6.87 4.71 4.65 4.62 4.4 4.34

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