Talent/Glyph/Trinket Choice Per Boss (HFC Mythic)

Updated version from https://triadx.wordpress.com/2015/07/15/119/

Talent choices per boss Meta:-

The constant meta for all encounters would be:-
‘Sanctified Wrath’ as your Level 75 talent
Major Glyph would be ‘Templar’s Verdict’
Trinket of choice, ‘Empty Drinking Horn’

Note: These choices are all of my own opinion which fit best to the personal responsibilities of the role I play within the guild. (Logs)

Hellfire Assault –
LH+FV / DJ+ME / Discordant Chorus

Iron Reaver –
ES+SERA / DJ+DS / Libram of Vindication

Kormrok –
LH+FV / DJ+ME / Libram of Vindication

Hellfire High Council –
LH+SERA / DJ+ME / Libram of Vindication

Kilrogg Deadeye –
CLEMENCY+ES+SERA / DJ+DS / Libram of Vindication
(If part of Vision Group, CLEMENCY+LH+FV / DJ+ME / Libram of Vindication)

Gorefiend –
ES+SERA / DJ+HoSaC / Libram of Vindication

Shadow-Lord Iskar –
LH+FV / DJ+ME / Discordant Chorus
(If waiting 2 mins between phases, switch out Sanctified Wrath for Holy Avenger for Mythic Add DPS)

Fel Lord Zakuun –
ES+SERA / DJ+HoSaC / Libram of Vindication
(Speed of Light as your movement talent for dropping Seeds safely)

Xhul’horac –
LH+FV / DJ+ME / Libram of Vindication
(If on interrupt duty, Gronntooth War Horn as trinket of choice.)

Socrethar the Eternal –
ES+SERA / DJ+DS / Libram of Vindication

Tyrant Velhari –
ES+SERA / DJ+HoSaC / Libram of Vindication

Mannoroth –
LH+FV / DJ+HoSaC / Libram of Vindication

Archimonde –
LH+FV / DJ+HoSaC / Libram of Vindication

Due to all these changes as per boss encounter, an addon which assists me as a reminder is “Yes, Boss!” which acts as a small note.

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