Updated Trinket Sims

Updated Trinket Sims to include those of which that are available in Emerald Nightmare.

Source: Hammer of Wrath Discord



4 thoughts on “Updated Trinket Sims

  1. Hey i just found your blog, it’s been really helpful! Expecially since i don’t know how to sim aside from using the combo of trinkets for 4 min on the mannequin lol, i found that crit strenght stat stick 825 to be better than 825 chaos amulet so how do you think do stat sticks compare to other trinkets? And a few questions more:
    1)For dungeon are stat sticks king because of the constant pulls?
    2)with crusader/fire of justice talents, 872 lvl16 wep and 841 ilvl, trinkets are stat stick 825 and heirloom trinket, 14% haste i’m doing 200k dps am i doing something wrong? i went for wake and now goin echo
    3) Should i delay crusade for wake of ashes? Is this delay caused from low haste or i’m doing the rotation wrong? i get my 3d crusade at 4 min and 20 seconds, cause i wait for wake, and before using wake i dump the holy power if at 2 or more…

    If you could answer even one of those you’d help me alot, thanks! Gl on lootzes


    • Hey Guitar,

      When it comes to stat sticks, I don’t think too much of them unless they contain haste or an on-use component since I like to stack effects with my Crusader. 200k in a dungeon is fine for Retribution…it’s not exactly an environment that we excel at but I would probably just switch to AoE talents for the purpose of dungeons.

      As for your Crusade delay conundrum, this isn’t a rotation issue, nor is it effected by haste. Wake of Ashes is a 30s CD, you’ll want to generally have that coming off cooldown in-time (or few seconds after) for AW/Crusade as well as having as close to 5 holy power ready to start stacking Crusade. Planning your actions ahead instead of just reacting will yield better results.


      • Hey thanks for answering! the 200k dps is unbuffed and with no ench on raid mannequin, in dungeon i use i completely different build with divine purpose, do you think crusade is better than dp in myth+ too?
        I managed to reduce the delay to 10 seconds after 4 minutes, since you talked about planning ahead how long should i keep crusade/wake of ashes before it’s a dps loss? i mean in boss fights that spawn add ecc since mechanically it’s not a problem yet and we just dps race, does it depend on the fight lenght? And for your next post what neck ench is gud? Gonna try that tier trick!


  2. I personally would stick to Crusade, but that’s just me. I don’t really play Ret a whole lot outside of raids…and I usually tank Mythic Dungeons.

    I can only guess that, if you’re behind with Wake of Ashes, using Crusade with 5s left to go on Wake of Ashes is fine…as long as you get it in fairly early to start stacking Crusade.

    BiS Neck Enchant is Hidden Satyr judging from logs.

    Don’t stress yourself too much about the T18 2-Set, that was nerfed yesterday after my raid 😛 down to 2 charges instead of 3.

    Best of luck.


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