Trix Trinket Comparison (25/09/2016)

It’s weekend, so a little time to reflect on how to improve ones self.

I’ve finally accumulated a Faulty Countermeasure (ilvl 835, Warforged from Heroic) after specific queuing for close to 3 weeks solid now!

At this point, I’m unsure how my trinkets pair up well with one another, so I’ve gone out of my way to Google how to sim multiple gear sets. Trinkets of choice are:-

Chrono Shard (ilvl840)
Faulty Countermeasure (ilvl 835)
Ravaged Seed Pod (ilvl 865)
Ursoc’s Rending Paw (ilvl 865)

All Sims are based around my current gear with these combinations above (Trix Armory) via Patchwerk 6 minute length.


Dropbox Link to Simulation above

With the recent nerf to T18-2Set, I thought I’d replicate the Sims above just to see how big an effect it is. Again, Patchwerk, 6 minutes.


Dropbox Link to Simulation above

Conclusion: With my best profile “FC_URP”, my current stat weights are:-

CritRating=7.51 (23.74%)
HasteRating=8.74 (26.05%)
MasteryRating=5.66 (15.47%)
Versatility=7.81 (1.93%)
Dps=20.45 )

Wdps > Haste > Str > Vers ~= AP ~= Crit > Mastery



3 thoughts on “Trix Trinket Comparison (25/09/2016)

  1. Hey trix it’s me again, i’ve seen some logs of a dude that is first ret on ursoc, he’s using 890 swarming plaguehive, wanna help me investigate? xD


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