Trix Trinket Comparison (10/10/2016)

Trinkets trinkets trinkets! The constant shifting of values that comes with the acquisition of gear. 2 weeks have passed since Simming my gear, so why not keep myself updated along with the trinkets that I’ve acquired:-

Chrono Shard (ilvl 840)
Faulty Countermeasure (ilvl 835)
Memento of Angerboda (ilvl 855)
Spiked Counterweight (ilvl 840)
Ursoc’s Rending Paw (ilvl 865)

All Sims (Latest Simulationcraft Here) are based around my current gear with these combinations above (Trix Armory) (Talents) via Patchwerk 6 minute length.


Dropbox Link to Simulation above

Conclusion:With my best profile “FC_MoA”, my current stat weights are:-

CritRating=9.07 (30.07%)
HasteRating=10.42 (27.09%)
MasteryRating=7.08 (21.16%)
Versatility=9.83 (0.00%)
Dps=24.90 )

Wdps > Haste > Vers > Str ~= Crit > AP > Mastery


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