Trinket Sim Full (7.03)


4 thoughts on “Trinket Sim Full (7.03)

  1. Saw the post, really useful but what do you think about the Devilsaur Shock-Baton trinket, and did you consider doing some sims for aoe? Did you try consecration? What about the 820 timewalking trinket that gives 5000 ap and 900 crit? For plus do you still go stat stick and on use trinket? Prot is doing amazing damage with ravager seed pod so i was wondering if there are any really op aoe trinkets worth using… still haven’t gotten a faulty countermeasure, does it have a chace to proc on every target of divine storm in aoe? On what does it proc? thanks alot, answer what you want xD i considered using the on use trinket and swapping it for 1 min for a proc one then swap it back, but dind’t get any yet


  2. That’s a lot of questions.

    The general rule of thumb for trinkets is 1 on-use, and 1 stat/proc trinket so that you can maximise your Crusade usage.

    I may Sim the Shard of Contempt later, but not the Shock Baton since obtaining that is out of my hands (WQ).

    All those other questions, I can’t answer. Maybe try Paladin Discord (Link on the top Menu).


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