Double Legendaries!

As far as luck goes, I seem to have ample amounts of it. With the Righteous Legendary order hall research finishing, a great gift was bestowed upon me. Not only was it a second legendary, it was my 1st BiS which goes nicely with the 2nd BiS.

All I need to do is L2P!


Trix Sim with Ring

Trix Sim with Ring and Cloak


2 thoughts on “Double Legendaries!

  1. Sup Trixx, can i ask what yours keybinds? I know its something personal, but I’m trying getting better in every detail.
    I am researching best keybinds to use and optimize my rotation.

    Thx in advance.

    Keep the good job on pally community.



    • I feel I’m not going to be of much help here.

      I play left handed on the mouse and use arrow keys + all the keys surrounding them, including modifiers such as Shift & Control (Can’t reach Alt!).


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