7.1 Retribution Paladin Talent Sims (14/11/2016)

Back in 20th of October, I covered this topic in a more brief manner. I never really attempted to explore the possibilities that other talents would be a feasible option.

My only concern at this point is the importance of Single Target DPS, I don’t really consider AoE since none of the encounters thus far, really require me to focus on it. Observing WarcraftLogs on the more Single Target encounters i.e. Nythendra & Ursoc are showing that some Retribution Paladins are popping up.

First thought would be, why would a cleaving talent be showing up here? Didn’t really occur to me that “Zeal” would do more damage in the long run over “The Fires of Justice”

Here’s my findings based on Trix Armory and Simulationcraft:-


Zeal is pulling ahead of The Fires of Justice. How is it going for you? Sim it and find out!


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