7.1 Retribution Trinket Sims

Links from the Discord – Hammer of Wrath



2 thoughts on “7.1 Retribution Trinket Sims

  1. what would plus trash be considered? hectic cleave? what does aran ruby proc off? what increases it’s dmg, only crusade or other stats too? i’ve heard it’s not proccing on tanks dunno why tho… so i guess best combo for plus would be aran ruby + arcano crystal and swapping the arcano with a faulty countermeasure the pack before boss, of course would depend on stats i guess, what do you think of the new aoe and cooldown reducing trinkets from nighthold? Godwork as always thanks alot!


    • From what conversations I’ve had (Not first hand experience), Aran’s Trinket procs from our Virtuals Blade/Divine Hammer ability and Judgement, someone also said Templar’s Verdict but that wasn’t confirmed. (Noticed on the Spreadsheet, Wake of Ashes and Greater Blessings of Might also proc it with 15s Internal Cooldown)

      Not really had a look at Nighthold stuff so can’t comment I’m afraid!


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