Trix Sim – 16/11/2016

Been a good solid 2 weeks since my last full examination, lets go get it! Talent usage has been the only real changed to fit in Zeal instead of The Fires of Justice.

Based off Trix Armory and using Simulationcraft to grab my stat weights/pawn string i.e.

( Pawn: v1: “Trix_Active”: Strength=11.25, Ap=10.78, CritRating=10.84, HasteRating=9.87, MasteryRating=9.84, Versatility=12.07, Dps=30.52 )

CritRating=10.84 (30.45%)
HasteRating=9.87 (21.74%)
MasteryRating=9.84 (20.98%)
Versatility=12.07 (7.50%)

Wdps > Vers > Str ~= Crit ~= AP > Haste ~= Mastery

Download Simulation Report Here

The chase for Swarming Plaguehive / Eye of Command & Aran’s Relaxing Ruby continue…



2 thoughts on “Trix Sim – 16/11/2016

    • Arcano Crystal is still better to go alongside with Faulty Countermeasure.

      On a personal case, I don’t have Arcano and it’s not farmable, so I just continue to seek alternatives.


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