7.1 Retribution Paladin Talent Sims (11/12/2016)

Merry Trixmas Y’all!

Yesterday, picked up a Chestplate of Impenetrable Darkness and Eye of Command from Karazhan…HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIT. With that excitement out of the way, and considering the last talent sim was done back in November 14, 2016, another Talent Sim based on my Trixmas Armory and the latest version of Simulationcraft was due!


Download Simulation Report Here

Edit: Fixed Link above.


2 thoughts on “7.1 Retribution Paladin Talent Sims (11/12/2016)

  1. aaaaand i’m back, with terrible luck anyway, was the aran’s trinket nerfed for melees? i read you started considering the sets and special effects is there something actually noteworthy? like the ring on use effect or 10% bonus, ecc… just wanna hear your general toughts over the countless useless stuff blizz throws at us lol


    • Aran’s Relaxing Ruby proc rate for Melee was heavily nerfed, rendering it useless.

      We’re drawing closer to Nighthold Release (17th January), so it’s probably not worth allocating all your time to acquiring the Suramar sets or special accessories…though, the Karazhan Chest/Trinket is probably still worth.


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