Trix Sim – 22/01/2016

First pawn value post December 17, 2016 which a lot has happened since then. Upgraded my Helmet and got me a tasty new Memento of Angerboda (885+Socket) which was a mighty upgrade from 870.

Based off Trix Armory and using Simulationcraft to grab my stat weights/pawn string.

Pawn string ( Pawn: v1: “Trix_Active”: Strength=13.19, CritRating=11.65, HasteRating=12.87, MasteryRating=10.24, Versatility=12.28 )

CritRating=11.65 (31.75%)
HasteRating=12.87 (18.75%)
MasteryRating=10.24 (21.80%)
Versatility=12.28 (8.30%)

Str ~= Haste > Vers > Crit > Mastery

Download Simulation Report Here

Prior to this, I was piling on Versatility Enchants and Gems since Vers was pulling far ahead of everything else, but since the 7.1.5 changes to stats and what have you, it’s reworked my haste value to the point where it needs to be kept a close eye on.


One thought on “Trix Sim – 22/01/2016

  1. hey trix do you think the nerf to crusade will raise horn of valor value vs fcm? or will they be overshadowed by some trinket from nighthold? or is the nerf too little to change our bis? cya!


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