7.1.5 Trix Retribution Food/Relic/Talent Sims (4p Tier-Set) (05/02/2017)

Howdy folks,

Entering the Retribution Paladin 4-Piece Tier 19 Set scene, figured I’ll re-do all my Sims to see if there’s anything outstanding.

Food Sims


(Edit: Fixed syntax for Seed-Battered Fish Plate, should be SeedBattered_Fish_Plate on SimC)

I should stop using Fishbrul :<

Download Simulation Report Here

Relic Sims

Base Ashbringer with no Relics (I really should think of a better way of doing this one)


Download Simulation Report Here

Talent Sims

Single Target – 


Download Simulation Report Here

Multi-Target/Priority Target


Download Simulation Report Here


4 thoughts on “7.1.5 Trix Retribution Food/Relic/Talent Sims (4p Tier-Set) (05/02/2017)

  1. Hi There Trix, appreciate all you do in helping fellow rets out there achieve their dps dreams. I had a few questions, notably about gearing and stats alongside having the two specific legendaries you and I have equipped (Whispers of Nath.+Liadrin’s Fury). Side note: I love the synergy between these two.

    With that being said, i remember reading somewhere that haste becomes increasingly important with cloak so that you can get more consecutive TVs/DSs for the 15% buff. Currently, i’m 888 Equipped, 29% haste, 28% Crit, 1.5% Vers. I know my vers is god awfully low, but i have trouble letting go of haste simply because of something i read about haste being important.

    Another thing to note is that i do sim my character frequently, and vers. is slightly ahead of crit, where haste falls slightly behind. Do you think it’d be beneficial to drop my haste enchants for vers?

    I know, i know, i know, trust sims, is what they all say. I just wanted input from someone using the exact same legendaries and if you think the vers gems/enchants are worth putting in there.

    Thanks in advance!


    • Howdy,

      With the limited time I’ve had to check things like Logs and Discord chat, everyone seems to be stacking something different…some Vers, some Crit and some Haste (Noticably, upto 31+%).

      From my own Sims, all of these stand out, weight-wise…with Vers and Crit leading the charge and Haste falling behind, but this is Single Target. With Nighthold being the current Raiding content, majority of fights are multi-target, where all 3 stats are very comparable…and I think this is where your trinket choice comes into play, especially those that are stat sticks, or Draught of Souls (Haste)…people are probably just influenced by whatever gear they happen to get…cause you can’t really go wrong with any of those stats and probably just ditch gear with Mastery.

      Simming patchwerk and going to the Options and adding maybe an extra add would probably give you more “realistic” weights with Nighthold. I trust Sims, but probably need to make time to dive into this a little further.


      • Thank you much for the input! i prefer stacking haste simply for gameplay but i also like to get results as well. So far so good. Question, is putting on patchwerk and adding 1 add better than hectic addcleave? If so, that’d explain a lot.


      • I wholeheartedly agree with Haste, less error in actions when keeping up the Cloak buff, and from past expansions, just a more exciting playstyle..Higher APM making gameplay more engaging.


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