7.2 Trix Retribution Food/Relic/Talent/Trinket (23/04/2017)

Greetings all,

Having been busy for the past few months, I find myself jobless and with ample time on my hands, what better way to spend my free time playing catch-up!

Night Hold has been with us for quite some time now, and I’ve only just managed to get a hold of a Convergence of Fates, which opens many more possibilities.

Based on Trix Armory, all my Sim Templates have been tweaked slightly:-

• Food – Include Lavish Suramar Feast
• Relics – ilvl 900 baseline (Changed from 880)
• 7.2 – New Artifact Weapon Tree (All Goldens + Wrath of the Ashbringer (37.5s wings!))

Still standard Patchwerk (10000 iterations) Sims.


With a plethora of grub at our disposal, 7.2 introduced a change to Lavish Suramar Feast making it go from 200 main stat to 500!

With the juggling of stat weights, is +500 Strength better than +375 (Secondary Stat)? Having a quick glance of my archive of Sims, only during the beginning of Emerald Nightmare was when Strength was leading the pack in stat weight….but it was only marginal.


Sim Report


As stated earlier, Sim Template has been modified from 880ilvl to 900ilvl relics.


Sim Report


Single Target – Patchwerk


Sim Report

2 Target – Patchwerk


Sim Report


I’m not in a position to be creating Trinket Sims as it’s too big of a job, so for this part, I’ll be sourcing The Silver Hand (@Thordros)



Trinket Sims – 28th March, 2017.