A Trix Update

Hello all,

As much as I appreciate the folk that drop by from time to time, please be aware that, I’m generally not totally “on the ball” with everything that is Ret these days.

My life schedule is generally work, wow and sleep (not enough of it).

I try to make what I’m curious about (like gear comparisons) to be relevant, to the best of my abilities. I just don’t have as much time to keep up with Discord – Hammer of Wrath or even MMO-Champion.

Just be patient with me! Hopefully what I put out isn’t compost worthy.

Happy Retting!


7.1.5 Trix Retribution Paladin Relic Sims (30/01/2017)

Not going to lie, this is a bit of a Copy and Paste jobby from November 14, 2016.

Principles still the same, just a plain Ashbringer in place with my Trix Armory.

This Sim was done just so I could see how big a difference the relics are with the changes to VB and Crusade since 7.1!

7.1.5 Trix Retribution Talent Sims – (30/01/2017)

Thought I’d go and write a template to Sim all talents…didn’t think it would make my Sims take an hour to do! Anyway, I’ve gone and done a bigger list (most of it, irrelevant) just so I could see how well each talents fairs with one another in both, Single Target, and Add fights.

Here’s my findings based on Trix Armory and Simulationcraft:-

Single Target (Patchwerk)


Download Simulation Report Here

Priority/Add Cleave (Helter Skelter)


Download Simulation Report Here

Trix Sim – 22/01/2016

First pawn value post December 17, 2016 which a lot has happened since then. Upgraded my Helmet and got me a tasty new Memento of Angerboda (885+Socket) which was a mighty upgrade from 870.

Based off Trix Armory and using Simulationcraft to grab my stat weights/pawn string.

Pawn string ( Pawn: v1: “Trix_Active”: Strength=13.19, CritRating=11.65, HasteRating=12.87, MasteryRating=10.24, Versatility=12.28 )

CritRating=11.65 (31.75%)
HasteRating=12.87 (18.75%)
MasteryRating=10.24 (21.80%)
Versatility=12.28 (8.30%)

Str ~= Haste > Vers > Crit > Mastery

Download Simulation Report Here

Prior to this, I was piling on Versatility Enchants and Gems since Vers was pulling far ahead of everything else, but since the 7.1.5 changes to stats and what have you, it’s reworked my haste value to the point where it needs to be kept a close eye on.

Retribution – T19 Nighthold Set Bonus Sims

Due to some unforeseen hardware issues, I missed out on our first day of raiding which means, I’m playing catch up!

Whilst I’m still planning on what optimal pieces to get, here’s a wee Simcraft code to add to the bottom of your Sim Profile to show how your character fairs with the Set bonuses activated.




Note:- This is just activating your set bonuses, it doesn’t take into account what pieces it replaces such as legendaries.