Trix Trinket Comparison (25/09/2016)

It’s weekend, so a little time to reflect on how to improve ones self.

I’ve finally accumulated a Faulty Countermeasure (ilvl 835, Warforged from Heroic) after specific queuing for close to 3 weeks solid now!

At this point, I’m unsure how my trinkets pair up well with one another, so I’ve gone out of my way to Google how to sim multiple gear sets. Trinkets of choice are:-

Chrono Shard (ilvl840)
Faulty Countermeasure (ilvl 835)
Ravaged Seed Pod (ilvl 865)
Ursoc’s Rending Paw (ilvl 865)

All Sims are based around my current gear with these combinations above (Trix Armory) via Patchwerk 6 minute length.


Dropbox Link to Simulation above

With the recent nerf to T18-2Set, I thought I’d replicate the Sims above just to see how big an effect it is. Again, Patchwerk, 6 minutes.


Dropbox Link to Simulation above

Conclusion: With my best profile “FC_URP”, my current stat weights are:-

CritRating=7.51 (23.74%)
HasteRating=8.74 (26.05%)
MasteryRating=5.66 (15.47%)
Versatility=7.81 (1.93%)
Dps=20.45 )

Wdps > Haste > Str > Vers ~= AP ~= Crit > Mastery


After Raid Thoughts

Tier 18-2 Set is still awesome! This will be nerfed at some point so, enjoy it while you can!

Neck Enchant Mark of the Distant Army is bullshit. Don’t try it!

Potion of the Old God combat potion is amazing…albeit, pricey (If only I managed to remember to pot twice :() –

To Do List:- Get Faulty Countermeasure.

Edit:- As of yesterday, the Tier 18-2 Set has been nerfed from 3 to 2 charges. Probably only useful for Mythic+ Bosses at best.

Something to look forward to when next reset hits!



Emerald Nightmare – Gearing Up Trix!


Howdy all,

With the first raid tier round the corner, I’ve made up a list of the Best in Slot gear that’s obtainable within the Emerald Nightmare. Generally, I’m ignoring gear that doesn’t contain Haste as the quest for 30% is still hard to achieve. Order is from best to worst for those equipment slots that have more than 1 listed.

Venom-Fanged Barbute – (Haste/Mastery) – Elerethe Renferal

Cursed Beartooth Necklace – (Haste/Mastery) – Ursoc

Midnight Herald’s Pauldrons – (Haste/Critical) – Xavius

Evergreen Vinewrap Drape (Haste/Critical) – Zone Drop

Horror Inscribed Chestguard – (Critical/Haste) – Zone Drop

Wristclamps of Mad Dreams – (Haste/Mast) – Nythendra

Fitted Ironbark Gauntlets – (Haste/Mastery) – Zone Drop
Primal Gauntlets of Rage – (Critical/Haste) – Ursoc

Waistplate of Nameless Horror – (Haste/Critical) – Zone Drop

Storm-Battered Legplates – (Haste/Mastery) – Elerethe Renferal

Trampling Warboots – (Mastery/Haste) – Ursoc

Dreadful Cyclopean Signet (Haste/Mastery) – Zone Drop

Fragment of Eternal Spite (Fire Relic – +2.5s Avenging Wrath) – Xavius
Sloshing Core of Hatred (Fire Relic – +8% Judgement Damage) – Il’gynoth
Radiant Dragon Egg (Holy Relic – +24% Crit Chance to Crusader Strike/Zeal) – Cenarius
Preserved Worldseed (Holy Relic – +20% Divine Storm Damage) – Nythendra
Radiating Metallic Shard (Holy Relic – -40s Cooldown Blessing of Protection) – Zone Drop

Ravaged Seed Pod – Nythendra 
Nature’s Call – Zone Drop
Swarming PlaguehiveNythendra

Edit: Due to recent Trinket sims, I’m removing Trinkets from this instance as feasible BiS.
Added Swarming Plaguehive to BiS Trinkets.

First Week of Legion

So, it’s been quite a hell of a week. A seemingly smooth expansion release which was the most smoothest I’d seen since Wrath of the Lich King.

Honored with all reputations.

835+ ilvl with Mythics being ran this Friday with yours truly as tank…because I have to 😦

Still need Relics for my Ashbringer. It’s stupid that my Protection spec has a higher item level than my main spec.

Alt of choice this expansion for 2nd raid group is Demon Hunter. Still in the process of gearing…but so far, it’s very promising. The AoE is just stupid in comparison to my main, but I still need to figure out how to Single Target more effectively. Thus, the learning continues.

Tempted to progress with a 3rd alt before raiding begins…more food for thought.

Will make updated Sims once armory updates.

Trix Armory
Trixidan Armory