Optimising with Simulationcraft & Pawn


I’ve always operated under the motto of “every little counts”.

The expansion has been out for a little over a month now, many dungeons have been ran on various difficulties and I’ve been hoarding a lot of gear of many different stats. Time has permitted me to actually go through the process of improving myself.

Simulationcraft & Pawn have been the essence of checking what’s best in bags.

Previously, Simulationcraft was fine by itself back in Mists of Pandaria onwards but, adding Pawn is just a convenient tool to make the process quicker.

Using Simulationcraft to grab my stat weights/pawn string i.e.

( Pawn: v1: “Trix_Active”: Strength=10.45, Ap=9.86, CritRating=10.97, HasteRating=10.10, MasteryRating=9.17, Versatility=11.29, Dps=28.35 )

Importing the above string into Pawn to indicate which items in my bags are potential upgrades (Take it with a pinch of salt).


I’ve never had a lot of gear with Versatility over the early ongoing of the expansion, but as it was a grind to get my Haste up to decent numbers, Versatility grew so much so, that I’ve overlooked it up until now. Enchants and Gems have been changed to reflect upon these stat shifts for a improvement of Sims. Lets face it, for those of us who have played retribution long enough, word of mouth that we need to reach 30% haste is just a farce. Get to > 20% and just monitor your stat shifts from their onwards.

Before Optimisation ][ After Optimisation


7.1 Early Info Sims

Just as a quick recap with the latest Simulationcraft of 7.1!


New changes of to Blades of Wrath (Auto Attack Proc for New Blade of Justice) puts it slightly ahead for single target. I’ll give it a go tonight to see if it lives up to the sim.


Download Simulation Report Here


Fishbrul still pulls ahead of Haste.


Download Simulation Report Here


Chrono Shard (ilvl 840)
Faulty Countermeasure (ilvl 835)
Memento of Angerboda (ilvl 860)
Ursoc’s Rending Paw (ilvl 865)

(Yes, at this point, my trinkets still suck!)

All Sims (Latest Simulationcraft Here) are based around my current gear with these combinations above (Trix Armory) (Talents) via Patchwerk 6 minute length.


Download Simulation Report Here

CritRating=10.82 (30.07%)
HasteRating=10.03 (27.09%)
MasteryRating=9.85 (21.16%)
Versatility=12..5 (0.00%)

Wdps > Vers > Str ~= Crit ~= AP ~= Haste ~= Mastery