We did it! 1/3M

The one attempt where my client froze for 15 seconds and my FRAPs breaks no PoV of this kill (May record a 2nd kill), I come back to notice my Divine Intervention popped. Oh well, it’s a kill regardless (I played like utter shit).



Personal Goals, Retribution Paladin Suramar 2-Set and Karazhan Set Sims

Whilst raiding is done till Monday (Mythic Odyn is some piece of work), there are still strives to be made in order to continue to get stronger outside of our main guild activities.

Improve Faulty Countermeasure

Obtain Terrorbound Nexus…a poor mans Aran’s Relaxing Ruby. I currently don’t have an AoE trinket for M+, so I just wander in with a Single Target spec/setup, this should change just to optimise the process of dungeoning.

Last weeks M+ boosting of alts got me in possession of the Inferno Breastplate from Court of Stars (870). My current stat weight has shifted to Versatility being my best stat, and the 2-Set procs 3300 Versatility which got me pondering how good this actually is…so instead of thinking about it…Sim it!

For this sim, I’m currently using (Trix Armory) 890 on both Shoulder and Legs (Legs has socket 150 vers), and here’s what I got when I replace them.

Suramar 2-Set
Frozen Pendulum Shoulderguards
Inferno Breastplate


Download Simulation Report Here

As illustrated, 2-Set can be quite lucrative and definitely worth a second glance if you’ve overlooked it.

Karazhan Set
With the inclusion of summoning Nightbane, you’re given the opportunity to obtain Chestplate of Impenetrable Darkness which empowers the trinket (30% I believe) Eye of Command. I’ve decided to Sim the possibilities of getting the trinket and using it by itself and/or with the chest.

For this sim, I’m currently using (Trix Armory) 880 Crit/Haste+Vers Gem chest and 860 Memento of Angerboda before replacing them.


Download Simulation Report Here

Just goes to show how bad my trinket setup is.

Note:- Whilst it does seem like I give Memento of Angerboda a bad rep, it’s still a really good trinket since Simulations don’t take into account other people dying which can multi proc Crit/Haste/Mastery (Along with Retribution)…I just prefer to have something more stable.

Current Goals outside of raiding

• Vault of the Wardens (ilvl855+ Faulty Countermeasure)
• The Arcway (Frozen Pendulum Shoulderguards & Terrorbound Nexus)
• Karazhan (Chestplate of Impenetrable Darkness, Eye of Command and Aran’s Relaxing Ruby (Though not bloody likely!)

Retribution Legendaries (Early 7.1.5 PTR)

Having acquired my current Best in Slot Legendaries, Whisper of the Nathrezim & Liadrin’s Fury Unleashed, I felt complete.

With the early 7.1.5 build on the PTR, a couple additionals are now in the mix.

The most obvious one isn’t an addition, but an amendment of sorts. Chain of Thrayn is having it’s passive changed to just accentuate our burst damage more. Should be delicious for those whom already have one. I’m abandoning Protection loot spec!


A trinket has been added “Kil’Jaeden’s Burning Wish“. Whilst it’s probably not Best in Slot, it’s not a bad trinket to acquire.


Trix Sim – 16/11/2016

Been a good solid 2 weeks since my last full examination, lets go get it! Talent usage has been the only real changed to fit in Zeal instead of The Fires of Justice.

Based off Trix Armory and using Simulationcraft to grab my stat weights/pawn string i.e.

( Pawn: v1: “Trix_Active”: Strength=11.25, Ap=10.78, CritRating=10.84, HasteRating=9.87, MasteryRating=9.84, Versatility=12.07, Dps=30.52 )

CritRating=10.84 (30.45%)
HasteRating=9.87 (21.74%)
MasteryRating=9.84 (20.98%)
Versatility=12.07 (7.50%)

Wdps > Vers > Str ~= Crit ~= AP > Haste ~= Mastery

Download Simulation Report Here

The chase for Swarming Plaguehive / Eye of Command & Aran’s Relaxing Ruby continue…


7.1 Retribution Paladin Talent Sims (14/11/2016)

Back in 20th of October, I covered this topic in a more brief manner. I never really attempted to explore the possibilities that other talents would be a feasible option.

My only concern at this point is the importance of Single Target DPS, I don’t really consider AoE since none of the encounters thus far, really require me to focus on it. Observing WarcraftLogs on the more Single Target encounters i.e. Nythendra & Ursoc are showing that some Retribution Paladins are popping up.

First thought would be, why would a cleaving talent be showing up here? Didn’t really occur to me that “Zeal” would do more damage in the long run over “The Fires of Justice”

Here’s my findings based on Trix Armory and Simulationcraft:-


Zeal is pulling ahead of The Fires of Justice. How is it going for you? Sim it and find out!